Medical Staff

Gilbert Saldivar ATC
Head Athletic Trainer/ Medical Coordinator
  •   Gil has been with the LA Black Storm Football Organization for 5 years.
  •   Provides coverage for practices and games
  •    Provides traditional athletic training services
  •    Provides intern athletic trainers on game day
  •    Provides treatment and rehabilitation services that are well within his scope of practice
  •     Schedules appointments for athletes requiring further evaluation and diagnosis
  •     Provides doctor-prescribed rehabilitation services to athletes
  •      Schedules game day medical coverage to all participating teams for all home games and playoffs


Kerlan Jobe Foundation
Medical Partner

Kelan Jobe has been the official Medical Partner of the Los Angeles Black Storm for almost two years providing pre-participation physical exams for all team members and Provides medical staff coverage for game day coverage, which includes:

  •         Orthopedic Surgeon
  •         Neurologist
  •         Internal Medicine Specialist
  •         Provides all staff with a meeting room for meetings, conferences and film sessions
  •         Proves injury tracking software to team so that athletes can track all injuries and, if necessary, can be referred to appropriate medical staff
  •         Provides a volunteer athletic trainer for game day
United Chiropractic and Sports Medicine

United Chiropractic Sports Medicine has been the LA Black Storms' official Chiropractic Services provider for over 5 years. They provide In-Season and Off-Season medical services, which include:

  •    Chiropractic evaluations and services
  •    X-rays
  •    Auxiliary services such as Acupuncture & massage services.
Martin Garcia

Martin has been the LA Black Storms official Massage therapist for three years and provides post-practice massage sessions as well as  dynamic warm up and stretching on game days using massage. Martin also provides additional massage staff (between 5 and 6 other massage therapy interns) so all game day participants receive adequate and timely sessions.

Alicia Leos

Alicia Leos began as an intern and has since received her certification. She provides post-practice massage sessions and provides dynamic warm up and stretching on game days.